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How is Jazz Christmas Music Different?

Willie January 25, 2022

Just like Summer Piano Jam, Jazz Christmas Music is a lifetime membership. This means that once you purchase the material, you own it for life.

The fine print…

Every year I add new material to the site and offer it to current lifetime members for a small “upgrade” fee which is completely optional.

In other words, when you purchase Jazz Christmas Music, you are purchasing a lifetime membership to all the material that is currently on the site. When new material is added, you would need to upgrade to access that new material.

For example, if you purchased Jazz Christmas Music in 2020, you would be purchasing lifetime access to all the material that was on the site when you purchased. Come 2021 when new material was released, you could opt to upgrade to gain access to that new material…or just skip that year.

Lifetime access also gives you the ability to download all material…including the lesson videos!

Where are the Sheet Music & Resources?

Full members can download all of the sheet music and resources. Learn more.